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A film about love, sexuality, and the human bond within the disabled community. A journey into the lives of 17 very unique people; some with disabilities and the partners who love them, others struggling to get by in a world that seems to often overlook them. In exploring the confidence and unconditional love that these humans have for themselves and each other, you may begin to question your own notions on life, love, and what it means to really feel in every sense of the word.


Screenings and Showings

November 28

San Diego State University
Arts & Letters Rm 201
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182

4:00 PM and 7:00 PM


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The Creators


BEN DUFFY is the Director and Producer of “Take a Look At This Heart.” Ben is a 28 year old filmmaker from New York who has made 8 documentaries. At 13 years old, Ben was introduced to a camera, editing software, and a skateboard. After years of filming he and his friends skating, Ben then went on to the School Of Visual Arts In New York City. He soon dropped out after his freshman year to pursue his first feature length documentary, “We Are Skateboarders,” which became the 2nd highest viewed feature length skateboarding documentary on YouTube. Almost ten years later, Ben continues to pursue his love for film and life. He also continues to operate on micro budgets to complete beloved documentaries.


DAN GARCIA is a 29 year old father and spouse. By day he runs a staffing firm in Manhattan, but his true passion is philosophy, and bringing minds together for the greater good. Dan is the Executive Producer of "Take a Look At This Heart." His sister was born with Cerebral Palsy and severely limited motor function; she was in a wheelchair her entire life, until she ultimately passed at the age of 23. That being said, Dan was inspired to get behind this film the moment Ben shared the concept with him. The rest is history. He defines himself as a compassionate realist, and believes that empathy is the true equalizer. 



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